Transportation and Logistics StrategyGilbert Sachs Group experts have sourced hundreds of millions of dollars in transportation and logistics spend at leading Fortune 100, Fortune 500, and other global companies. Our teams have identified and implemented significant savings on every project, demonstrating our ability and effectiveness.

GSG sourcing projects include assessments of the transportation function, reviews of staffing and skills requirements, and development of reporting tools. Investing in tools, systems, and capabilities helps to ensure that savings are consistently achieved in future years.

We have also sourced European, Asian, and North American 3PL services for multiple clients. Recent projects have included finding qualified Hong Kong and EU distribution centers for two electronics manufacturers.

GSG is also very active in outsourcing freight audit and payment services for clients. Freight Audit and Payment firms generally provide better data management, more stringent audit standards, comprehensive routing guide support, and stronger compliance tracking. These improved capabilities help to ensure that ongoing savings goals continue to be met, even after the short-term sourcing project is completed.

We strongly believe that knowledge transfer is a critical part of our consulting responsibilities, and we work very hard to ensure that clients learn critical skills as part of our projects. On completion, we turn over comprehensive toolsets to our clients, allowing them to continue to pursue savings goals with or without further support.