Transportation and Logistics StrategyGilbert Sachs Group employs sophisticated modeling tools and spreadsheet solutions to help clients determine the proper footprint and distribution network configuration for their business.

Recent projects have included creating comprehensive transportation and distribution models of operations for two major US-based retail chains.
GSG calculated the transportation costs of distributing product in single DC and multi-DC models, and worked closely with the clients to understand transportation costs, DC investment requirements, and expected changes in demand. The results of these studies were used to determine operating and investment strategies.

Based on the output of the network model, GSG prepared a discounted cash flow model and board-level presentation package.
GSG recently helped create an ILOG-based model of inventory requirements and service levels for a mid-sized electronics manufacturer. The output of this study was used to set inventory level targets and rules for lead time commitments by the client’s sales force, as well as provide direction for the firm’s procurement team as they set expectations with suppliers.