9240062381_40c1e82582_kGilbert Sachs Group analyzed and re-engineered the transportation processes, interfaces, and organization for a $9 billion electric utility. Over a ten-year period, the company had slowly lost transportation management capabilities through attrition and lacked the staff needed to properly manage the function.

After identifying the unique requirements of the client, we helped to outsource the complete transportation function to qualified 3PL suppliers. As part of this effort, we helped to develop and determine:

  • Appropriate KPIs and measures of success
  • Operating requirements for truck, rail, and heavy haul movements
  • IT interface requirements
  • DBE/WBE qualification goals
  • Customer service requirements
  • Track and trace capabilities
  • Savings goals

Working closely with the client, we followed a rigorous 7-step sourcing process, carefully documenting the client’s preferences and requirements, as well as supplier responses. Our RFI and RFQ process allowed us to quickly find qualified resources.

This project generated savings and cost-avoidance opportunities of over $1 million annual, and realized $750K in its first year.